About Nutryoo

Nutryoo web screenshot

Nutryoo is a mobile application that will help you to improve your health through nutrition and food therapy.

The idea

Our world is changing very quickly and with the progress of technologies, we can imagine that in the furure everybody shall be able to benefit from medical services at home instead of queuing for hours in hospitals or at medics.

At the sametime most of us realise that traditional and ancient methods have prooven their efficiencies, and are looking for alternatives to medication by using natural remedies.

So what about trying to combine the ancient and natural medecines with the use of new technologies?


From idea to concept

There are plenty of natural therapies in the world, such as the Traditionnal Chinese Medecine, Indian Ayurveda, or Phytotherapy, which have one thing in common, they use food as remedy.

There also plenty of new food diets such as “eating raw”, the “paleo diet”, or others, but which one is the best?

Actually, there is no real answer, as the aim is not to find the best diet but the most adapted to us. What is good with these diets, is that at least, they make us think about what we eat and pay more attention to our health and nutrition.

Then, the question is how can we find the food that is the most adapted to us personally?


The concept

Nutryoo has been developped to answer to this last question.

It gathers all the information related to food, and food therapies from all over the world, past or present, in one single database and allows you to access to these datas, easily:

  • by looking at food features, including food components, PH or Glycemic Index level, Cholesterol range, you may be able to create your own diet.
  • by searching among hundreds of symptoms, you can find which food or nutrient (as food supplement) should be included in your meals.
  • by navigating through the nutrients, you’ll be able to know where to find them naturally.
  • by adding symptom, food or nutrients in your favorite, you’ll be able to access to their pages very quickly.
  • by using the smart filter contraindication for example, selecting diabetes or pregnancy, you’ll find which food should be avoided.



Nutryoo will become soon your new partner to help you to improve your health through nutrition. You may use it for your everyday diet, or to find any natural remedy to your specific symptoms.