How to avoid painful menstruations?


It’s an issue every month and most of the time we have tried several remedies and took medicines without any proven results. Actually before taking any remedies, we should understand how it works. The Traditional Chinese medicine explains the following:

  • during the periods we are loosing a lot of blood
  • the organ that produces the blood is the liver
  • if our liver is overloaded, it will not work properly, and the body will react by not evacuating the menstrual blood. Causing abdominal pains and constipation also.

The liver is also the organ that manages the emotions. If it is overloaded, it will not manage to balance your feelings, this is why lost of women are very sensible during periods.

The remedy: eat food that will help the liver such as kale, carrots, artichoke, black currant or cherry, and avoid the ones that overload your liver. Remove alcohol and food with high cholesterol in your diet the week prior and during your periods.

Tips: if you are loosing a lot of blood, you may have iron deficiency also, a supplement of iron (Fe) may help.

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